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Tasty as always!

I love DC's animation from that Bruce Timm/Paul Dini era. They were laps ahead of Marvel's efforts (and still are). They were able to cherry-pick the best DC had to offer and present tales that were iconic without being weighed down by decades of DC comics continuity. In many cases I'd prefer to watch those old episodes that read comics from the same era. I even loved Brave & The Bold, which fully embraced DC's Silver Age funkiness!

I need all of these series on Netflix streaming, right now! And I need some baked goods for when I watch.

Dean Compton

Great cakes as always! My favorite has to be the one with Belle and Batman.
World's Finest was one of my favorite BTAS episodes as well. You really could not go wrong with any of them, but those were special. We hungered for the moment when Superman and Batman would finally meet in the DCAU< and we were not disappointed.

Thanks for your hard work! Terrific article!


Great work as usual!! Very much enjoy what folks can do with cake! Good lord! My favorite of the batch is by far is the one by Spense from Cake Central..thats vintage Man Of Steel!! Amazing work..again..and as usual!! Super Blog Team Up is alive and well because of our diversity..and none better to showcase that than this blog right here!

Hero out!!

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